Newspaper garners three awards at Texas Press Association convention

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This past Saturday, the staff of the Robertson County News attended the 2014 Texas Press Association annual summer convention.
The convention scheduled each summer is to announce the winners of the previous year’s publication awards better known as the Better Texas Newspaper Contest.

This year 159 newspapers submitted 1,566 entries. The contest is broken into 10 divisions in which newspapers can compete against papers of similar size.

Weeklies compete under a unique division system in which the total number of weekly entrants is divided into five divisions based on descending circulation — this year 103 weeklies entered so there were 21 newspapers each in Divisions 6-8 and 20 newspapers in Divisions 9 and 10. The Robertson County News falls into the division 7 categories, 2500-2999 circulations.

First place winners receive plaques and second through fourth place winners earn certificates. Sweepstakes points are earned for each division, except Division 1, based on point accumulation in contest categories (excluding Community Service, Special Sections and Best Website) - 1st Place: 100 points; 2nd Place: 75 points; 3rd Place: 50 points; and 4th Place: 25 points. The awards were announced June 21, 2014, at the Holiday Inn Corpus Christi Downtown Marina Tower.

In 2014, The Robertson County News was presented a first place in Advertising, second place in news headline writing and a third in total sports coverage. “It is an honor to be selected and awarded in front of your industry peers,” said Robertson County News Publisher Dennis Phillips. “It really meant a lot to me personally, since this year my daughter attended her first convention and my mother-in-law was also there.”

The Robertson County News named Phillips publisher in June of 2012, along with his wife Teresa as Advertising Director. “It has been a lot of work but we love this newspaper and have come to know so many people in Robertson County in just two years,” said Teresa. “In 2013 we received two awards from TPA, and have worked very hard to raise the standards of this newspaper for the people of Robertson County. It was nice that others noticed the effort, but really, it is more important that we continue to give our county the best newspaper possible.”

“Awards are nice, they look good on the walls, but I prefer the newspaper look good in the rack,” said Dennis. “It is the opinion of the people this newspaper serve that matters the most to us.”

The first place award came for Advertising. Submitted for judging was for First Star Bank, Penny’s Diner and Bea’s Bridal.

The second place award for headlines were: Can you hear me now? Not if you have AT&T, ZAP, AUGH, THUD! and Fight, Survive, Live.

The third place award was for total sports coverage of the county.

“I’m thrilled for the sports coverage award, it is a daunting task to cover all of our schools and I have to commend Michael Cotton on a job well done. We are looking forward to his return in August at the start of two-a-days,” said Dennis. “Really, everyone that contributes to this newspaper earned these awards, without the photos, stories and all that everyone submits, this job would be impossible. It is a people’s newspaper.”

Suezan Hoskins | Robertson County News

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