Mumford Post Office closing

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The Mumford Post Office will shut it’s doors on July 1.

The perceived benefits of living in rural America are obvious to many—a slower pace of life, clean air most of the time, lots of room for kids and pets and grow and express themselves, and lots of room for gardens and fresh veggies. But some Mumford residents may experience one disadvantage beginning July 1—a 20 to 30 mile drive round trip to get their mail after the Mumford post office closes.

Some rural mail routes do reach the Mumford area—one from Hearne and another from Bryan. However, the post office requires that a certain number of residents live on a rural route before that route can have service. For many “family” named roads in the Brazos bottom, not enough houses are stationed on the road to make that road a rural route. Families in part of the Mumford community do receive mail in a collection of boxes on the east side of town. Those houses are on a Bryan rural route. Interestingly enough, the Mumford school is not on that route.
For those who do not live on the Bryan or Hearne routes, the post office has been opened from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon each day. Residents could drive a short distance to the back of the old Collier Grocery, a Mumford landmark that closed several years ago, and check their post office boxes, buy stamps and mail packages, but that’s about to end.

The United States Post Office, in an effort to steam the red ink tide, is closing Mumford’s small post office, along with thousands of others.
Adding to the local red ink, a former Mumford post mistress stole $13,000 from the local office by “floating” money orders. For its last days, the Hearne post mistress is keeping the PO opened.

People who have already paid for a post office box in Mumford will receive a free p. o. box in Hearne until their term runs out. Then they will have to pay for a Hearne box. If they wish to use a box in Bryan/College Station (close to their work in many cases) they will lose the money they have already paid and be required to purchase a box at one of the B/CS post offices.

Melissa Freeman | Robertson County News

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