Letters to the Editor 5/15/2014

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Dear Editor,
SHAME on the officials in Hearne TX for firing the police officer who shot and killed an ARMED 93 yr old woman when SHE was the one who first held the gun on the policeman!!!!!!!!!! Do people think that because she was 93 that she could kill the officer?

I recently had a ride-along with a sheriff’s deputy here in my county and they could face death each and every time they go out! They try to keep us safe from all the idiots out there with loaded guns, knives, etc.....and you fire the man!!!!!!!! Would you feel better if he had not shot her and she had shot him to death?????

My former husband was in the Korean and Viet Nam wars and it you think children and old men and women can’t kill you had better think again? Ask anyone of the troops who had been in those places. Raggedy children would come into a dining hall full of troops and beg for food and then bring out grenades and blow our troops to bloody bits!!!!!!! Old men and women would do the same thing!!!!! Just because of a person’s age does NOT mean that they can’t still kill someone.

Again I say “SHAME ON ALL OF YOU” responsible for this policeman’s firing!!!!!!!!!

Dear Editor,
As a law abiding citizen, living near New Orleans, Louisiana. I can understand a police officer protecting his life. But your city’s police officer is either trigger happy, or improperly trained. Does he have other officers to call on for back up? The saying that police officers have to make quick decisions is true. But to not take the time to talk down a 93 year old. He could have knelt behind his unit, talked more to her. Firing his weapon four times. You don’t have to shoot to kill every incident. Each situation is different. Taking a human life is a hard decision to make. I’m not making an assumption on her being black and the officer being white. Should he be charged with a crime? I can’t answer that. But clearly he should have had more training. Training doesn’t prepare you for every situation. As for during him, I agree with that decision. But just like the Danny Glover and Danzinger Five cases here in New Orleans. He will get reinstated by the Civil Service and the courts, and probably bring shame upon Hearne again. But that is just my opinion.

Thomas Simmons
Slidell, Louisiana

Dear Editor,
In the last 2 years, the same police officer has killed 2 people, the last being Miss Pearlie Golden, who wouldn’t harm a fly. My question is, why in heavens name is he even on this police force now and not banned from all police force work everywhere. He is just “gun happy!” I have worked at Western Auto, Penny’s, Hearne Cable Vision, and at Lockhart furniture for 14 years. So I know Miss Pearlie very well and she would never shoot anyone and they could of gotten her another way - she was 93 years old and frail. She sure didn’t need 5 gunshots to subdue her. If he felt he was in danger, 1 shot in the shoulder or leg would have disabled her and she would have lived, but he chose to kill her. So our police force really needs to take a long hard look at this and get rid of him, before he kills again. People are upset with Thomas, but Thomas is not the force’s problem, he’s doing a good job. I pray they get rid of Stem and make sure he can’t police anywhere else!

Thank you,
Paulette Brown

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