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The week began for Tiffany Williams and Lakeydra Mosley as they spent Friday night at their last prom as high school.  On Tuesday, they received their honors and accolades for the 2013-14 school year at the Calvert Annual Athletic Banquet. This before packing their bags and returning to Austin for a chance to defend several individual titles and try to win that illusive State Title. They lost the 2013 State Championship by 2 points and now they are back to try to avenge that loss and improve on their performance.

It was a memorable weekend in Austin on May 10.  The weather was expected to be slightly overcast, a bit windy, with a speckle of rain.  Nothing however would change the magical magnitude of the moment; it is the State Track Meet.  Today the best runners, throwers, and jumpers hope to leave their mark on State Track history. So it was for Lakeydra Mosley and Tiffany Williams of the Calvert Lady Trojans.  This event will bring mixed emotions because it is going to be their final run as members of the Calvert High School Track program. After today they will no longer wear the purple and white of Calvert in competition. Mosley will get one shot at history to go with the two medals she won last year.  She can become a two time Champion in the 100 meters, her only event this week. Williams, however, will have three opportunities to leave her mark at the State Meet. She has already won three medals at the State and takes on a new challenge this year in the 800 meters.  If she medals in the 800, she will have won medals in four different events in the State on the track, in the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meters. She has a chance to also become a two-time Champion in the 400 meters and she will also get an opportunity to avenge her 2013 loss in the 200 meters, where she finished third.

First out of the blocks for the Lady Trojans was Lakeydra Mosley in the 100 meters.  Known for her quick start, she burst out of the blocks and was never threatened, as she eased to the 100-meter title in 12.5 seconds.  Though she was disappointed in the time she ran saying “it was close to her time last year in the event, but she was happy she won again”. It was the second consecutive title in the event, as she was the defending State Champion. She set the State record in the event in 2013.  It was Mosley’s third medal in three State Meets. She also ran the 100 in her sophomore season but finished fifth. So it marked her third consecutive appearance at the State Meet.

Then it was time for the Tiffany Williams show.  Williams entered the Meet qualified in three different events for the second consecutive year. Last year she qualified in the 100, 200, and 400 meters, this year it would be the 800, 400, and 200. First up the 800 meters, a new event for her this season. No matter, all she did was race to a new State Record in a time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It would only be the start of her afternoon. Next up the 400 meters, where she was the defending titleholder. No problem, she eased to a new record in a time of 57.1 for her second gold medal of the Meet. That broke by more than 1 full second the record she set last year in the event.  Finally, she took on the 200, but their is a lack of time between the two events, (the 400 and 200 are 30 minutes apart). She could only manage a second place finish, despite running one of her better times this season, a 26.25. This time also would have broken the State record. “I wasn’t tired” she would say, “my muscles just tightened up a bit and I didn’t have the drive at the finish”.  In spite of tightening up, she won two gold medals, 1 silver medal, and set two State Records in three events. Not a bad evening for her in this the State Meet, on the grandest stage of all.  

Between the two of them, in two trips to the State Meet, they have won five gold medals, three silver medals, one bronze medal, hold three State records, and finished 2second and third in the Team Championships. Congratulations girls you went out like the true Champions.

Michael Cotton | Robertson County News

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