New Black Panther party leads protest for 93-year old woman killing

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Dennis Phillips | Publisher
Robertson County News

Citizens of Hearne, Texas gathered today for a peaceful protest led by Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panther Party out of Houston, Texas.

The Rally began early with residents gathering outside a local church three blocks from the Hearne Police Department. After a prayer for a peaceful demonstration, Quanell X addressed the citizens calling for justice for the officer-involved shooting which took place this past Tuesday.

"We are not a hate group, this is not about race, this is about human beings and the life of Pearlie Golden who was taken from this world too soon," said Quanell X. "We are tiered and we are going to take a stand for what is right, we have go to stop this injustice now."

As the citizens lined the streets with signs that read "Stop the killing," and No Justice, No Peace," the caravan made it's way chanting through three city blocks to gather in front of the Hearne Police station.

Issuing promises that the party would not give up, Quanell X outlined a plan for justice including a town hall meeting to be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday at the St. Emanuel Baptist Church in Hearne. If justice was not served the Black Panther leader promised to march to Hearne Police Chief, Thomas Williams' home to stage a picnic.

Address citizens in front of the Police Department, Quanell X demanded the termination of Hearne Police officer Stephen Stem and called for the suspension and removal of the officer side arm. Hearne Mayor Ruben Gomez addressed Quanell to state that in fact officer Stem has been placed on leave as well as been suspended and a special city council meeting was already posted for 1:30 p.m. this coming Saturday to address the employment of officer Stem.

Quanell praised the mayor for his quick action but assured the audience that "he would be watching" and that the citizens should support the mayor should he "do the right thing."

In closing the Black Panther leader said, "I came here today peaceful, to give “them” a chance to do the right thing, if they don't I'm prepared to return lock-loaded and booted," a threat heard by all and cheered by many.

The gathering dispersed peacefully to more chats and cheers.

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