Letters to the Editor 05/08/2014

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To editor of Robertson county Robco News, Dennis Phillips

Last week, I received a phone call from Rep. Bill Flores asking me to join a town hall meeting. He said to press #3 on my phone if I wanted to ask a question. I tried, but the only questions he took were set ups for talking points. It was the same situation when I attended a town hall meeting at the Bush Library with farmers from Mumford. We wrote down our questions, and someone chose the ones that Rep. Flores wanted to answer. They were mostly targeted for the tea party. 

Rep. Flores has voted to repeal Obamacare 52 times. In 2011, he voted to repeal the FHA Refinancing Program for underwater homeowners, seniors, active-duty troops and gold star families who were current on their payments. He voted for the GOP (Ryan) Budgets that would privatize Medicare and turn Medicaid into a block grant program. Rep. Flores voted against the transfer of $40 million from immigration enforcement accounts to combat sex trafficking and child exploitation at home and abroad. He voted against a motion (in the debt ceiling bill) that called for funding education instead of giving tax breaks to oil companies and owners of corporate jets in further deficit reduction measures.

This month, Rep. Flores voted against even allowing the Paycheck Fairness bill (equal pay for equal work) to come up for a vote in the House. In 2012, he voted for the government shutdown that cost this nation $24 billion, and he’s voted many times to restrict the Environmental Protection Agency and to hamper the Consumer Protection Agency that protects citizens against Wall Street theft.

Maybe Rep. Flores doesn’t want to take questions about why 1 in 5 American children is hungry, while the 1% he’s a part of are getting richer and richer. Now that’s something we’d all like to hear him answer. 
Nelda Calhoun


Dear Thief,

If you needed to borrow a ladder I’m sure the VFW would have loaned you one. You didn’t have to steal ours. The men and women of this organization didn’t go overseas so you could ride around at night and commit cowardly acts. God bless America.

Sincerely, Bobby Boggan


Dear Editor,

I keep hearing a false rumor that Hearne and Robertson County have no emergency shelters or plans. Calls and visits to Hearne City Hall and Robertson County Emergency Management show that the county has a massive emergency plan. Called “ 2013 - 2018, Mitigating Risk: Protecting Robertson County from all hazards,” it states: “ this plan is a five- year blueprint for the future, aimed at making communities in Robertson County disaster resistant by reducing or eliminating the long - term risk of loss of life and property from the full range of natural disasters.”

The VFW on TX6 four miles south of Hearne is the county’s primary shelter. Recently upgraded, it now has a 300 - bed capacity with showers and restrooms. Hearne has three secondary shelters _ at the old high school, First Baptist Church, and Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.

Robertson County has an “all call” telephone system that can dial specific areas or the whole county. The primary emergency operations center is in the basement of the courthouse in Franklin, where the county’s Emergency Management Director Billy Huggins, works, Hearne City Hall is a secondary operations center should Franklin’s become unusable.

In Hearne, many critical facilities, like city hall, four sewer lift stations, and two water wells are equipped with emergency generators. Numerous local drainage ditches, and creeks (like Lost creek and the creek across from GATX) have been bulldozed and kept clear of debris.

Four Robertson County EMS ambulance stations are now operational. Hearne has two health clinics, the BVCAA Family Health Clinic and the new ST. Joseph Express. Robertson County, which is responsible for emergency management, is doing the best it can for a rural county that is a handful of miles away from the nearest trauma center.

Sincerely, Joyce Richardson

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