EMS poster now available at the Franklin EMS station

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Suezan Hoskins / Robertson County News

“It is always our privilege to produce the EMS poster for the Robertson County EMS,” said Robertson County News Publisher Dennis Phillips, “2012 was the first time it was done, but after the response we knew this was going to be great annual fund-raiser for them.”
In 2012, Dennis and Teresa Phillips transferred from the Bosque County newspapers to the Robertson County News. It did not take long for the couple to start working on one of their favorite community projects. “We were delighted to do this in Robertson County, it is a message that I strongly support as more and more teenage drivers are on the road, and they need to know, it is not safe to Text & Drive a car,” said Teresa Phillips.
Nationally in 2011, 23% of all auto accidents involved cell phone use, that is 1.3 million crashes. The minimal amount of time it takes to text and drive is 5 seconds. At 55 mph a car will travel 100 yards in those 5 seconds. It is like diving with your eyes closed for the length of a football field.
The annual EMS poster project serves two purposes. First and foremost to place the message in front of as many youths in Robertson County as possible. The newspaper office distributes these posters to all the area schools with that singular goal in mind. The schools in turn will hang them throughout the hallways, helping spread the message for a safer teenage driver.
The second; the poster serves as a fundraiser for the area-wide EMS service.
“The guys and gals of the Robertson County EMS work very hard to save lives, local lives every day. They need equipment, tires, oxygen and sometimes, just water. The point is the ability as a community to help, “ said Dennis Phillips.
The EMS Poster project donates $1,000.00 to the EMS and is used at the Robertson County EMS’s discretion. Dennis Phillips presented the check from the Robertson County News this past Monday at the Franklin EMS Station.
“If it were not for the businesses of Robertson County coming together, this project would not be possible,” said Teresa, “I really want to thank them for all they do to support the EMS and I hope others will help support them.”
The poster is available — free at the Franklin EMS Station as well as the Robertson County News office. Hurry if you want one, these go pretty fast.

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