Constable finds weapons, cash and drugs during routine traffic stop

Handguns, money and rifles found in the vehicle of Kyle Yoder during a routine traffic stop south of Hearne in Robertson County.


During his routine patrols on Thursday, May 16, Constable for Precinct 2, Benny McRae noticed a vehicle driving well below the posted speed limit on Highway 6 south, and causing traffic problems. After pulling over the vehicle and approaching the passenger side door, Officer McRae said that when the window rolled down he could smell, “the distinct odor of burned marijuana.” Proceeding with the stop, McRae noticed a rifle in the back seat of the vehicle in plain view and called for assistance.

When assistance from the State Troopers arrived, Officer McRae proceeded to arrest the driver, Kyle Harrison Yoder, from Arvada, TX for driving while intoxicated. During the search of Yoder’s vehicle, McRae discovered under two ounces of marijuana, five rifles, four handguns, several magazines loaded with ammunition, scopes, ammunition and thousands of dollars in cash.

Yoder has since been charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and four counts of unlicensed carrying of a weapon. Yoder’s dog, who was also found during the search, was taken to HOPE rescue center in Hearne.

McRae and the Constables office are working closely with federal agencies to determine what, if any, further action could be taken on a state or federal level. Combined bond for all seven counts Yoder faces is $45,500.00. Yoder was released on bond on May 20. Yoder is currently awaiting arraignment.


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