Hearne airport selling AvGas


Pilots in the central Texas skies can now log-on to airnav.com to see that Hearne Municipal Airport is selling AvGAS fuel for $4.79 a gallon which is one of the lowest aviation fuel prices in this area. A 75/25 TxDOT Aviation grant, together with matching funds provided by Robertson County along with Hearne’s 4A Sales Tax Board, made Hearne’s brand new, years-in-the-making, fuel farm possible without the expenditure of budgeted city funds.

Hearne formerly sold AvGAS.  But, outdated tanks and an old pump coupled with an unreliable credit card reader required a city staffer to do the pumping and pilots to hitch rides into town to pay for their fuel.  Today’s glistening new state-of-the-art, self-service, fuel farm is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Because of the availability of fuel at the county’s only general aviation airport, Hearne Municipal should see increased traffic from local oil, gas, coalmine, power plant, railroad, major retailers, other businesses, and area pilots.  Air passengers and pilots tend to spend money at restaurants, hotels, and stores near where they land and take-off. A renovated pilots’ lounge can even host catered-meal meetings of up to twenty people should a company representative need to fly-in and meet with local employees and officials at the airport.

With several brand new hangars now available to rent, Hearne will likely attract a broader range of area pilots (from Robertson and nearby counties).  Indeed, once a 90/10 grant-funded perimeter game fence is installed later this year, Hearne Municipal will be better able to serve local pilots, county businesses and companies that are considering locating to the county. It might also host regional distribution and other businesses that choose to locate at the airport and benefit from Hearne and Robertson County’s convenient central Texas location.

The Hearne Chamber of Commerce is planning to throw a big grand opening celebration later this year.  TxDOT officials, the general public, state and federal legislators, county commissioners, city and school officials, county businesses, area media and airport representatives, as well as pilots from a seven county area surrounding Robertson County will be invited to this event showcasing the many improvements at Hearne Municipal Airport. The plan is to combine this special event day with a car show and commemorative airplane fly-in.


Mayor Ruben Gomez / news@robconews.com

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