Kids, computers and EnCana at the Boys and Girls Club

Photo by Melissa Freeman / Robertson County News Mark Hull of EnCana and Roy Johnson, Boys and Girls Club Director, are glad that Alisha Michaela and Michael have these great computers for learning.

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EnCana Oil and Gas donated another computer lab for kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Robertson County. Kids and teens have access to after school learning opportunities to learn more about computer use and applications that support today's workforce. "While social media is a major part of today's world - here at the Club kids are directed to educational web sites that stimulate their learning and cognitive skills long after the school bell rings..." says Roy Johnson, Chief Professional Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Robertson County. "Thanks to the support of EnCana, the Boys and Girls Club has always had computers to help the kids with grow, learn and do homework."
Former board member Cathy Lazarus, WCD Consulting, worked closely with EnCana's community relations representative, Al Sommers, of Sommer's Marketing & Public Relations out of Austin to acquire the turnover computers that EnCana cycles out of their offices. EnCana gave the Boys & Girls Club 9 computers and a $2,000 grant award to have the computers upgraded and installed. "We're glad to support helping kids with opportunities learn about computers..." Mark expressed on his visit to the Club. EnCana also extends the support of their IT team to keep the computers up and running.
The Boys & Girls Club hopes to expand the technology center to include the program Study Island, an online program that teachers provide students with lessons and the software generates fun activities to help reinforce the students learning. Board President Benny Carroll, Pastor of Jones Chapel in Hearne and Vice President Douglas Staten, former Hearne School Board President, shared the Academic Success is the first of our three priority outcome driven objectives and we encourage more school districts to use Study Island and partner with the Boys and Girls Club and local libraries to support our kids educational growth and development.
The Boys & Girls Club is located in Hearne at the old junior high school's cafeteria. Membership is $10 per year per child (assistance is available) and serves ages 6 to 17 years. Contact the Boys and Girls Club of Robertson County for more information at 979-279-9900.

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