Sheriff’s office utilizes technology to solve burglary/thefts

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Local Report | Robertson County News

On Wednesday, August 6, Deputy Sheriff Investigators Steve Misterek and Mike Fisher with the Robertson County Sheriffs Office made a discovery of a couple of off-road utility vehicles that were hidden in a wooded area near Benchley. The UTV’s were reported stolen from a nearby ranch about a week earlier.

With cooperation from the landowner and the victim of the theft, the investigators stalked out the area where the UTV’s were hidden with game cameras and planted “GPS” tracking devices in the UTV’s. Roughly 24 hours later the “alerts” went off on our cell phones said Sheriff Gerald Yezak.

Deputy Sheriff Investigator Karen box tracked the movement of the stolen UTV’s on her computer and radioed its direction of travel to responding units. Sgt. Calvin Scasta & Deputy Chris Sanders located and arrested the suspect, Joshua Lee Soliz 23’ in the yard in the yard of his residence on Russel Lane with the stolen UTV.

Investigators Misterek and Fisher arrived promptly at the location and further investigated led to the recovery of approximately $17,000 worth of stolen property from four burglary/thefts and the additional arrest of a 16 yr old male juvenile accomplice. Game camera footage depicts the subjects, Soliz, walking to the direction of the stolen UTV’s approximately 2 minutes prior to the initial alert of the GPS tracking devices

Soliz, was taken before Robertson County Justice of the Peace Pct. #3 Keith Robinson and was charged with felony theft $1500 - $20,000 and Burglary of a Habitation. He remains in Roberson County Jail in lieu of $40,000 in bonds.

The juvenile was transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Rockdale, TX.

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