A “Goatastic” time had by all

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Photo By Donna O'Connor | Robertson County News Jesse McClure helps Aiden learn how to rope a steer at the Robertson County Cowboy Church Goat Extravaganza.

Robertson County Cowboy Church “Goat Extravaganza” had a big turnout and could not have asked for better weather. The Extravaganza began at 5:00 p.m. and the temperature was 81 degrees in July. 96 kids, young and young at heart, participated in the two and a half hour event on Saturday, July 19. Events included the stick horse race, which included “Mopstang” horses for the young at heart.

For those new to the slang, a “Mopstang” is a mop stick used as a horse. These elusive creatures have been known to throw a participant if they weren’t careful to keep the stick away from their feet. Just ask Pastor Jimmy Sanders, who is credited with finding these elusive stick horses and was even thrown by one. Youngsters galloped their stick horses in a timed arena race and barrel race. Lots of laughing occurred, lots of pictures were taken and lots of sand went home with each youngster, especially those young at heart.

Participants roped plastic roping steers, those not knowing how to rope were given quick lessons by volunteers. In the Goat Doctoring Event, teams of three were timed to see how quickly they could catch a goat, hold him down and put a red dot on him and return to the starting line. It sounds a lot easier than it is. Goats are quick. The final event was goat roping.

The contestant would climb up on a saddle tied on top of the roping shoot and when the goat was released they would attempt to rope it. Let’s just say not many goats were roped. They learn very quickly to jump out of the way.

This event was a great chance for parents, grandparents, and kids to have a great time together. Thank you to Tiffany McClure who organized the event and to all the volunteers who participated.

Stay tuned for more details on the next Goat Extravaganza possibly in October.

Donna O'Connor | Robertson County News

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