Franklin students learn water conservation from BVGCD staff

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On May 30, one hundred and thirty 4th and 5th graders from Franklin ISD went to a Water Conservation Field Day at the Franklin Ranch. The field day was to help the student s learn more about the water cycle and how to conserve water. It also gave them hands on real life scenarios and activities.
The field day was spilt into nine different stations spread out on Franklin Ranch. The Stations consisted of a working aquifer that showed the water cycle, a explanation on how the pond at the Franklin Ranch caught its water and how it is conserving water, ten things on how to conserve water in your everyday life, a section on how they manage the pond fish and pollution. There was a rain simulator that showed the water in the soil and erosion, there was a soil profile that showed how plants roots grew, there was a station about water wells, springs and barometers. Another section talked about restrooms, septic tanks and the water used is on cite, and finally and section with Freddy the fish on pollution.
At the end of the field day there was a relay race that showed how much water was used in the different eras of time. It showed how important water is.
At the end of the day the students not only learned a lot about water conservation, but they had fun while doing it.


Suezan Hoskins / Robertson County News

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