Franklin ISD bond package for 2013 reaches all kids

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The Franklin ISD School Board has called a Bond Election for May 11. Additional classrooms and a Fine Arts Center top the list of proposed projects.
Due to class sizes increasing at the elementary grade levels, Franklin Middle School will need additional classrooms in the future to prevent the need for temporary portable classrooms. Class sizes have grown from 60 to 70 students per grade level to now over 90 students per grade level beginning in Pre-K and Kindergarten. As these classes move into the middle school campus, additional classrooms will be needed. FISD is committed to providing future classrooms that provide the same level of instructional opportunities and the latest technology as the rest of the district while eliminating the need for temporary portable classrooms.
The Fine Arts programs at FISD, especially at the elementary level, continue to grow and provide learning opportunities for students. Franklin art students consistently win awards at the Houston Fair and Rodeo as well as the Robertson County Fair and other venues. FISD music programs have added a violin group called the First String Lions, and the youth dance program is larger than ever. The new Fine Arts Center will provide the appropriate space for these children as well as programs to practice and grow during and after school hours.
A multipurpose building for FISD, located at the secondary campuses, is planned as well. This facility will provide indoor space for all outside PE classes, sports programs, band programs and extracurricular programs like dance and cheerleading to have a place to practice when there is bad weather. All of these programs compete for the only inside spaces available, the Gymnasiums, when weather is poor. This is particularly a problem for the first seven months of school while volleyball and basketball teams have the gyms occupied.
An FFA/4H Agricultural facility will be included. This facility will provide a place for students to house their show animals if they do not have that ability at home. It will provide appropriate equipment to weigh and clip their animals. It will include a classroom for instructional opportunities in areas such as livestock judging as well as a small show arena for practicing with their animals in preparation for major competitions. All students in 4H and FFA in Franklin will share this facility.
All of these projects will provide needed space to not only grow but also continue to encourage and support the interest of every child in Franklin ISD.

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